Beraat Makina Elektrik Gıda Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret Limited Şirketi, which started its activities in 2009, is in the sector with the project design, assembly and after sales support of Flour Mill and equipment, Corn Mill and equipment, Feed Mill Machinery. equipment. Our company, which is based on customer satisfaction with its experience from the past and has made a name for itself in this sector, operates in 28 countries.

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Kapalı Devre Radyal Tarar


Kapalı Devre Radyal Tarar

Kapalı Devre Radyal Tarar

Technical FeaturesТexничecкaя Xapaктepиcтикa
Dimensions (mm)Paзмepы (мм)
Weight (kg)Bec (кг)

Capacity (t/h)Мощность (т/ч)

Power (kw)Мотор (кВт)

Asp. Power (kw)Мотор Аспиратора (кВт)
GKRT 0605 - 60.554113517656806041120120460
GKRT 0806 - 80.55491011505508041283120550
GKRT 10012 - 140.554910115055010041483150580
GKRT 15018 - 200.552 x 4910115055015041983150970